The 66th edition of Eurovision Song Contest was one of Italy’s most-anticipated television shows of the year, broadcast live to an audience of millions.

2022 marked a significant year for the Contest, celebrating the comeback of the great live shows after the two-year stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For that reason, the production of the event decided to highlight unique and innovative scenic machinery. Rollstar, a stage effect that reinvents projectors’ movements in large live shows, made its world premiere at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Rollstar blends electronics and mechanics in a self-contained system that supports, powers and controls the projectors installed on it, and allows them to rotate.

The lighting project of the show included 16 Rollstar 200s, divided into four clusters of four units each.

The clusters were controlled by a system of hoists and rails that allowed them to be moved, raised and lowered, and tilted.

The interaction between the motion of the clusters, the rotation of the wheels, the movement of the moving heads and the effects installed on the Rollstars, highlighted the event with an unprecedented visual impact.

Rollstar is produced by 3DSound Image and marketed worldwide by Zalight.